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Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket


If you’d like to get one of my existing illustrations tattooed, this is a way to pay and gain rights to use the design.



There will be nothing physically shipped after purchase. You will receive a ticket download that grants written permission to use one of my works for a tattoo. Many tattoo artists feel more comfortable (or insist upon) receiving approval from artists when tattooing their work, so this is a quick and easy way to provide that.


Once you have completed the purchase you are welcome to tattoo one of my illustrations, EXCLUDING custom designs for other people. (Please contact me with questions and are unsure if the design is available to tattoo.)


I absolutely love seeing my illustrations tattooed, and am always so grateful when supported as an artist this way. Tag me if you post your completed tattoo on Instagram @febreezin - I’d love to see the outcome! 


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A CUSTOM DESIGN - DO NOT complete your purchase here. Please email me at and we can discuss your custom tattoo design.


Thank you!

Tattoo Tickets are final sale.

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